The Queen might only have mild symptoms, but treat Ma’am like Mum

Our dearly beloved Queen has mild symptoms but is still game for “light duties”. Is there no end to this wonderful woman’s sense of duty? She puts us all to shame.

Along with the whole nation, I wish her a speedy recovery.

And when I was thinking of how I hope she is being treated, I thought she should be cared for the way I would care for my mum of 90.

In which case, my major concerns wouldn’t necessarily be the Covid but any co-morbidities she has – any health issues she may have involving her heart, her lungs and her kidneys, for instance.

Any viral infection can make a chronic illness worse, although in the past she has never let minor complaints interfere with her normal life and her normal duties.

For my mum, I would be concerned that she continued to take the medication she was already on and I would also want to be assured she wouldn’t become dehydrated.

Dehydration is always a problem in older people, even those who are well looked after, because as we get older we lose our sense of thirst so we don’t reach for a glass of water or cup of tea the way we used to.

I would also want my mum to be free of any pain and discomfort and I would hope doctors are liberal with painkillers.

The same would go for sleep, and if the Queen needs a few good nights’ rest then I would be happy with giving her something to help her nod off in the short term.

The other important therapy, which I’m sure the Queen needs, is rest.

She is never easy on herself. She pushes herself to the limit.

So she may have to be cajoled into putting her feet up and I hope there’s a fully vaccinated member of her family close at hand to be firm with her.