Another big step forward for treatment of prostate cancer

Medically speaking we live in amazing times. New ­diagnostic tests, new ­treatments, new technology, therapies with pinpoint accuracy hunting down individual cancer cells and blasting them to extinction. One such treatment is for prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men … Read More

Technology is fostering independence in old age

I feel very strongly that an older person, despite some ill health and disability, has the right to have their independence respected. In our ­increasingly high-tech world, technology can further that aim. And the UK is committed to helping people … Read More

New hip operation method is close to a miracle

Andy Murray’s hip-smoothing operation had a miraculous result – no more pain, no more limping, and he’s back playing Grand Slams. He’s not alone. Currently, 95,000 Brits undergo hip replacements every year. They spend up to five days in hospital, … Read More