When is the right time to have a baby?

When I was at medical school the obstetrics professor used to tell us there was no right time to get pregnant because something else always came up in a couple’s professional or domestic life. But in many other ways there’s … Read More

What are the financial costs of having a baby?

But there are also hidden costs such as heating, transportation and what you may give up for your children – meals out, holidays and perhaps some of your ambitions. No-one can pretend there isn’t a financial implication to parenthood. But … Read More

Should we plan for pregnancy?

This may sound obvious, but often couples do not plan for pregnancy with the same care as other important life events. The ideal of course is that you want to have a baby and have planned for it but even … Read More

Should we get married?

One of the reasons commonly given by prospective parents for marrying before the baby is born is that it ensures the father is the legal parent of his child. The legal situation varies from country to country so formal marriage … Read More

How much will our lifestyle change?

Most people’s lives are extremely busy and many new parents assume that their new baby will somehow fit in. They don’t. Babies and children need a lot of time and attention and you will undoubtedly have less time than you … Read More

How important is the age factor?

Whatever your age, you are likely to have a normal pregnancy and birth. But you should be aware that some problems such as infertility and chromosomal defects, (Down’s Syndrome, for example), do become more frequent with the increasing age of … Read More