When to go to hospital

Always get your baby or child to hospital if: * your child has stopped breathing * your child is breathing with difficulty and her lips are going blue * your child is unconscious * your child has a deep wound … Read More

When should I call the doctor?

Parents may find it difficult to recognise whether the symptoms are serious or not. You must remember that most doctors won’t mind if you seek their advice. Always follow your instincts and, if you’re ever in doubt contact your doctor. … Read More

What will the doctor need to know?

He will probably need to know: 1. Your child’s age. 2. Whether your child has a temperature and if so, what it is, how long he’s had it, if there have been any temperature fluctuations, if he has a fever, … Read More

What to expect from your doctor

If your doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong, she should tell you what further tests are necessary to get a clear diagnosis. She should also advise you of the implications of the illness or condition. If, for example, your child has … Read More

What should I ask the doctor?

If your child has a recurrent condition, such as cold sores or boils, ask your doctor what you can do yourself if you notice the symptoms recurring. If your child has a chronic condition, ask your doctor if there is … Read More

What medicines should I keep in the house?

Keep them somewhere obvious so that you can find them quickly when you need them. Never mix pills in the same container and never keep unused prescription medicines. Keep all medicines out of reach of children in a locked cupboard … Read More

How to treat a fever

While fever is a good sign it is also important not to let a raised temperature get too high. A high temperature can be uncomfortable and children can become irritable. In very young children with a high temperature there is … Read More

How to take a temperature

Taking a temperature In children, normal body temperature ranges from 36 degrees C (96.8F) to 37C (98.6F). Any temperature over 37.7C (100F) is classed as a fever. Hypothermia develops if the temperature falls below 35 degrees C (95F). Body temperature … Read More

How to give medicine to a child

Most medicines for young children are made up in a sweetened syrup to make them more palatable, and can be given with a spoon, tube, syringe or dropper. Droppers, tubes and syringes, are often more suitable for babies who haven’t … Read More