What will the doctor need to know?

He will probably need to know:

1. Your child’s age.
2. Whether your child has a temperature and if so, what it is, how long he’s had it, if there have been any temperature fluctuations, if he has a fever, and if so, did it come quickly?
3. Are your child’s neck glands swollen?
4. Has your child vomited?
5. Has your child had diarrhoea?
6. Has your child complained of any kind of pain, if so, where’s the pain?
7. Has your child suffered from dizziness or blurred vision (particularly if he’s recently had a bump on the head)?
8. Has your child had a convulsion? If so, how long did it last?
9. Has your child lost consciousness?
10. Did your child eat the last meal offered and has he eaten within the past three hours?