Artificial sweeteners are so bad for our health

Artificial sweeteners have been fooling us. We thought they were better for us than sugar but new research says they’re just as bad, possibly even worse. This shocking news emerged from a study of more than 450,000 middle-aged people started … Read More

Being left-handed is a blessing not a curse

Left-handedness runs in our ­family. Way back when I had my children, left-handedness ­carried a stigma. Children were encouraged to “change hands”. Some were even forced to write right-handed. I’ve always felt the opposite. I treasure left-handedness as special. Recently researchers have … Read More

Worrying rise of bowel cancer among young

Here’s a puzzle. Bowel cancer, usually a disease of advancing age, is occurring in younger and younger people. Why should this be? Cases are rising among adults under 50 in nearly all countries studied. The exception is Japan. It has … Read More

Stress in pregnancy affects child’s brain

These days I’d have thought being stressed is a condition of any pregnancy. New research, however, shows women who become stressed during pregnancy are at greater risk of having children with a personality disorder. That makes me wonder how many … Read More

Mindfulness is such a great stressbuster

Mindfulness is a word of our times but how many people know what it means? And even fewer would know how to practise it. So what exactly is it? I try to use mindfulness when I can, in a very simple form … Read More

Early blood test may help to tackle lung cancer

Early diagnosis is key to survival from cancer – allowing quicker treatment, better outcomes and fewer deaths. This is especially true for lung cancer. About 47,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK every year, 41,000 of who … Read More