New sound and light therapy could help Alzheimer’s sufferers

Here’s a new approach to ­treating Alzheimer’s – sound and light therapy. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, have shown that this method can relieve Alzheimer’s in animals and a clinical trial in human patients has already started. The study by … Read More

Free TV licence vital for lonely pensioners

Recently I attended a Mirror rally in ­support of protecting free TV licences for the over-75s. I heard many stories of how TV is a lifeline for older people and keeps them in touch with what’s going on globally as … Read More

Link found between cannabis drug and depression

We’re seeing a frightening ­upswing in depression among teenagers. There are several ­factors behind it, including social media use and post-traumatic stress ­disorder. But could cannabis use be part of the picture too? It seems so, according to the first … Read More

Heart problems rise as we’re living longer

Do you remember when Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister, was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF)? I remember AF being described as a not very worrying heart condition where the upper left chamber, instead of beating regularly, has runs of … Read More

Cancer rates in young soaring due to obesity

Being overweight is one of the biggest avoidable causes of cancer. Nowhere is this mow more obvious than in the millennial ­generation where rates of cancer are rising quicker than in their ancestors because they are heavier. Cancers typically occur … Read More