The strange appeal of homeopathy meds is lost on me

I have to nail my colours to the mast and say I’m not a fan of homeopathic medicine. It’s too unscientific for my taste, so I wholeheartedly support the NHS in discouraging doctors from prescribing it. There were 2,700 prescriptions … Read More

DNA screening can help avoid diseases

If you knew it was written in your genes that you were a candidate for a heart attack, would you change your lifestyle to foil your genetic destiny? Well, the Finns would. A study by Finnish researchers has found that … Read More

Teenagers are far less likely to rebel these days

Youths can be antisocial, rude and thoughtless. But they’re thinkers, and given some adult realism and ­support, they act responsibly. The ­latest stats back this up. Fewer US teens are smoking, having sex and doing drugs these days, according to a … Read More

Transformational new approach for breast cancer care

There’s a revolution going on in the treatment of breast cancer and it’s an example of how research creeps ­forward while reversing hallowed medical practices. New medical research has shown that only a third of patients with early breast cancer need chemotherapy, … Read More

Your eczema is more than just skin deep

News recently hit the headlines, both in the British Medical Journal and the media, that eczema has joined the list of conditions which are linked to heart disease and stroke. How could that be? How is the skin so closely … Read More

Taking antidepressants can make you put on weight

It’s hard to ignore the fact that ­antidepressant use and obesity in the UK are rising alongside each other. Weight gain is an effect many patients are unhappy about. Sadly, we don’t know much about a link between antidepressants and putting on … Read More