High testosterone levels are a sign of a healthy boy

Boys who grow up healthy and are well looked after in a safe environment are likely to have healthier levels of testosterone. So a man’s testosterone levels are largely determined by his upbringing rather than his race or adult life. Scientists say … Read More

Can foam rolling cut soreness in muscles?

After every gym session, I used to do foam rolling, especially on my thighs, and it hurt like hell. I was told I was ironing out “knots” in my muscles but I was always sceptical about the good it was … Read More

Studying for longer is damaging our eyesight, says study

Now here’s a conundrum. Are more years in education ­causing more and more short-sightedness? A recent study says they are. The myopia epidemic affecting 90% of pupils in East Asian countries is the consequence of more intensive education. Spending extra time studying … Read More

Religion may give you four more years to live

It’s well-known leading a spiritual life promotes longevity, but now a team of academics reckon they have nailed just how much longer you could live. Analysis by researchers at Ohio University, US, has shown religious people live about four years … Read More