New exhaust fume link to breast cancer

There is a one-in-10,000 chance that six women who worked in an area of high pollution and got breast cancers within three years of each other was a coincidence. Or, in other words, pollution plays a part in developing the … Read More

Why dementia gets more severe in the winter

We all feel invigorated by the sunny days and the long ­daylight hours of summer. For some it’s more than just feeling good. For people with ­dementia it’s a shot in the arm. This is because the seasons, and summer … Read More

Even a cuppa can be bad for unborn baby

Oh dear, it seems more and more food and drink carries hazards for mums-to-be. Now pregnant mums can’t even enjoy a cup of tea. A new study from the University College Dublin says even women who drink less than the … Read More