Weekend lie-ins are key to teens being less risky

Who would have thought ­letting your teenager have a lie-in could stop them from having risky sex? Especially at the weekend? Yes, sleep is that potent – to teen brains at least. Sleep, in some mysterious way, encourages the brain … Read More

Penis extensions too often result in failure

The phrase “size matters”, in the minds of both men and women, really means penis size, and some men in pursuit of improving their length have gone in for penis extensions. The sad news is they don’t work. So don’t bother. … Read More

Social media impacts teen body confidence

The teenage years are never easy to navigate, but for today’s youngsters, it’s a minefield, made all the worse by social media. Pictures of perfect bodies are creating anxiety and insecurity in a way we’ve never seen before, so much … Read More

New drug brings hope of slowing sight failure

As we get older our eyesight becomes vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) and diabetic macular oedema (DMO). Both conditions will cause blindness if left untreated. Their main feature is the excessive growth of blood vessels which can leak in … Read More

Cancer therapy can kill off ‘hard’ tumours

The latest cancer treatments harness the body’s own ­defences to attack the disease. They supercharge a patient’s immune system to fight the ­cancer cells. This is one of our most promising lines of research, immunotherapy. In a first, researchers at … Read More