Women now have more control over their periods

Years ago when I was working on the contraceptive Pill I ­remember a senior scientist saying that it was permissible, medically and physiologically, for a woman to have only two periods a year by manipulating the standard dosage schedule of the Pill. … Read More

Pets as therapy can offer great comfort for patients

However, experts say hygiene and infection control must be the priority and the Royal College of Nursing has published a “pet ­protocol” for dogs in healthcare settings, welcomed by the British Veterinary Association. Among other things, it wisely says dogs should … Read More

Strengthen muscles and bones by taking a stand

Readers often send me letters asking about weight-bearing exercise. What does weight bearing mean? And why is it so good for us? The simple answer is you’re weight bearing whenever you’re standing. The great benefit of standing is that the … Read More

Can taking painkillers curb your empathy for others?

Occasionally medical research throws up something ­intriguing that might, just might, affect your everyday life. Would you believe a painkiller could make you feel less affectionate? I’m not sure I entirely believe it but assistant professor Dominik Mischkowski, a psychologist … Read More