We must teach girls how to get pregnant

A strange thing has happened. Sex education programmes in schools have concentrated so hard on avoiding pregnancy that they have neglected to mention how to GET pregnant. Consequently girls are leaving school believing fertility lasts till the menopause so many more are … Read More

Injection could bring hope for migraine sufferers

Migraine headaches are awful. I know. I suffered from them for 40 years. They started when I was 23 and they were no ordinary ­headaches. As any sufferer knows they’re crushing, excruciating and disabling. It’s not just a headache. A … Read More

The war on drugs is a fight we just can’t win

To my mind, criminalisation of illegal drugs is inhumane and counterproductive. The “war on drugs” hasn’t and doesn’t work. It’s high time we shifted our focus from criminal punishment to ­public health. If this offends your ideology I should tell you that … Read More