How pessimists can learn to live longer

I’ve written many times that optimists live longer than pessimists. But what if you’re not a natural optimist – can you learn optimism? Well you can if you believe in the work of Dr Barbara Fredrickson, psychologist at the University … Read More

There’s hope for menopausal women who want kids

Recently I wrote about PRP (platelet enriched plasma) being used in an experimental way to improve sexual arousal when injected vaginally (as yet unproven). It’s usually used for wound healing. Now another experimental use of PRP has hit the news … Read More

New generation heart drug is even better than statins

I well remember the first cholesterol-lowering drugs making an appearance several decades ago. They weren’t that effective but they made a useful difference in people at high risk of a heart attack. Then, 20 years ago, along came statins. Super-performers … Read More