How choosing a plant-based burger can help the planet

Could you ever see yourself swapping real meat for fake meat? Well pretty soon you could find yourself doing just that because it’s become a global trend. Greggs launching a vegan Quorn sausage roll last year was just the beginning. For me, … Read More

How an early retirement could speed up dementia

Years ago I remember reading some research on retired 80-year-old Japanese men. In the experiment some of them went back to their former employment once a week and others stayed at home. The results? Just half an hour a week … Read More

Scientists prove mother’s broth can tackle diseases

An extraordinary experiment has been carried out by ­Imperial College and Great Ormond Street Hospital, ­London, looking at the curative ­properties of soups and broths. I’m particularly interested because in my family the healing power of chicken soup is legendary. … Read More