Long Covid symptoms are more diverse than we feared

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we knew ­precious little about the virus, the standard message was most people recover from mild ­infections in two weeks and serious ones in three. This is clearly not true. NHS England … Read More

It’s tougher for extroverts to stay inside in lockdown

Whether you comply with Covid-19 pandemic rules, such as staying at home during lockdown, depends more on your personality than ­anything else. Surprised? I was. A survey of 101,000 people in 55 countries carried out by a team of psychology researchers … Read More

Read the oxygen warning signs until vaccine arrives

At the end of any discussion about controlling the ­pandemic, we fall back on, “but there’s always the ­vaccine”, as though we sail into a new world of calm waters, few ­restrictions and open borders, with ­coronavirus a distant memory. … Read More