Other coronavirus symptoms that must not be ignored

As we all know, the classic symptoms of Covid-19 are a new continuous cough, fever and shortness of breath. These symptoms would qualify you for a swab test, but people all over the world have displayed other symptoms too, according … Read More

Not enough support for long-term coronavirus recovery

Quite rightly we’ve been ­concentrating on saving the lives of thousands of people threatened by Covid right through the pandemic. But with numbers of new cases ­falling, hospital beds emptying, and figures of those who’ve died reassuringly descending, it’s time to … Read More

Maybe ministers became lost following the science?

Almost every move ministers have made during the Covid-19 pandemic has been ­garlanded with the phrase “we’re following the science”. Really? Early on there were some decisions that glaringly weren’t following the science  For instance, on March 12 the Government … Read More

Ignore Donald Trump and his cure ideas for Covid-19

Letters are still coming in from readers asking me if they should buy hydroxychloroquine, also known as chloroquine, off the internet. One even quoted ­“Professor” Trump saying it’s “very powerful”, “a gift from god” with “very encouraging early results”. Despite … Read More

Study proves acupuncture has an effect on migraine

Recent research on acupuncture in migraine would have really helped me back when my life was periodically put on hold by the excruciating headaches. Shabei Xu and colleagues from Huazhong University in Wuhan have applied their Chinese medical art with … Read More