Hope for those too weak to take a Covid vaccine

There are two ways to protect ourselves against infections using antibodies. The first is to be vaccinated and encourage the immune system to produce them ourselves – that’s known as active immunity. The second way is to receive already formed … Read More

Government chose more Covid deaths to protect the NHS

Almost everyone in the country must now be aware that the Government is pretty choosy about explaining the science behind its decisions, let alone what it gives away at its Downing Street press conferences. Digging about in the ­research it’s … Read More

Covid-19 loves to stalk us if we’re together indoors

Little by little we’re finding out what coronavirus is like. We’re getting to know its face. We’re learning how it behaves. All the information we’re gathering will help us to deal with it and treat it and with the festive season upon … Read More

Can vitamin D help in the fight against coronavirus?

I’ve always been sceptical about the role vitamin D plays in preventing infections, so I remain to be convinced that it should be added to foods like bread and milk to help prevent Covid-19. It’s claimed depleted levels of vitamin D might … Read More

Kids taking medicine can be a hard act to swallow

There can’t be a parent anywhere who hasn’t struggled to give their child medicine. By far the most difficult type to give is tablets, which even some adults don’t find straightforward. Swallowing pills is a particular challenge for young children … Read More

Hands, face, space and gargle could be next in Covid fight

It’s hardly believable that mouthwash kills coronavirus in a few seconds – in the mouth, that is. Let’s be clear on that in case Donald Trump ­proposes we inject it! But it’s not just any mouthwash, only those containing cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC … Read More