Don’t let any illness stop you going away on holiday

We know from TV ads that it’s a simple matter to get insurance cover for a ­holiday abroad if you have medical conditions. But what can you do yourself to keep ­yourself safe? There are several aspects to this ­including your medication, your … Read More

Lift the ban on boys having the HPV jab

Medical practice is full of ­sexual bias with women often being downgraded. One of those areas is the human papillomavirus vaccination. This is given to girls around age 12 to prevent the ­infection which is known to cause cervical ­cancer. … Read More

A knock to the head can lead to dementia

My views on the dangers of blows to the head have made it into print several times, especially as practised in boxing and heading the ball in football. I’ve even gone as far as calling for a ban on boxing. … Read More

Hope for sufferers of never-ending cystitis

There’s cystitis and then there’s cystitis. The usual one-off ­attack leads to pain on passing urine, feeling a sense of urgency to empty your bladder, off colour, off food, sometimes a temperature. And it clears up by drinking a lot … Read More