Speaking about her miscarriage, Meghan is helping other women

Though Meghan suffered her miscarriage way back in July my heart still goes out to her, and to any woman who has a miscarriage.

I suspect Meghan is still feeling the grief of her lost baby. Most women never get over it. The sadness is there for life.

But how times have changed. Even a decade ago I doubt any woman would have come out into the open and told the world about something that some people still considered a taboo subject.

I’ve never thought of miscarriage in that way. Firstly, I don’t think any woman who has one should suffer in silence.

Given that it’s one of the most painful events a woman can ever experience she needs sympathy, kindness and support.

To get that she needs to feel she can be open and share her grief.

Meghan has done every woman a great service in writing in the New York Times about her experience.

Anyone who wants to talk about miscarriage can feel free to do so now.

Mind you times have been changing for some time. Women’s rights have strengthened.

The #metoo movement shone a spotlight on fairness and justice for women and their refusal to be silenced on sensitive subjects.

She’s quite a woman, that Meghan. She took the opportunity to remind us in her New York Times piece that we’re all interconnected.

We share our pain and hardship. We all feel the bond of common sadness.