I’m a doctor – this is why I believe Kate Middleton will bounce back from cancer

I have just watched the Princess of Wales’ announcement and, like most people, I was quite shocked. She looked pale, drawn and frankly unwell.

So I feel it was doubly brave of her to speak out and try and give the public some idea of what’s been going on for the past months. I think she went as far as she could in the circumstances.

Her doctors thought her symptoms were benign and operated accordingly. A bit of explanation here. When some operations are done and tissue is removed, as a matter of routine some is examined under a microscope to make sure all the cells are normal.

As the Princess says, some of the cells were found to be cancerous. I agree with her medical team that it’s advisable for her to have preventative chemotherapy. Preventative treatment is not usually as radical as it sometimes is for a well-developed cancer.

It could be that Kate can take it as a tablet or a capsule. With this form of chemotherapy there could be side effects such as nausea and tiredness but these symptoms will probably not be too debilitating and she will be able to continue her convalescence at home.

It goes without saying that she needs all the support she can get, particularly from her husband and her children. So I think it’s a very good thing that she held her nerve and told the children.

Another thought struck me. The age of 42 is pretty young these days to get cancer. But the upside is she is strong, healthy, a hard worker and a pretty good example to all women that age.

I have the feeling that while the news is sudden and sad at the moment, Kate is going to show us her mettle and will come through this and overcome those cancer cells.

Soon, I believe, she will once more be her normal healthy self.