My friend has offered to babysit. Should I take up the offer?

Spending time alone is important for you, giving you the space to recharge you batteries. It’s easy to lose sight of this need once you’re caught up in the never-ending round of feeding and nappy changing. Leave your baby with your friend, your partner or a relative and have a few hours each week when you can just please yourself. Your baby will also benefit from a change of scene and from you being more rested and relaxed on your return.

As the main carer your may find it difficult to hand your baby over to someone else but take advantage of offers from your partner or friends and relatives who are willing to share the care of your baby.

Father: From your baby’s point of view, her father is the second most important person in her life. Encourage your partner to take sole care of your baby sometimes. They will both benefit.

Grandparents: They may be itching to help and are ideal people to help with babysitting because of their experience in childcare. Babysitting will enable them to build up a special bond with their grandchildren from the start.

Relatives and friends: They may also be eager to help and may be invaluable, particularly those who are experienced with young children, or who are parents themselves.