Vegetarians have a higher risk of having a stroke

You might think vegetarians, since they don’t eat meat, are automatically healthier than meat-eaters. Not necessarily so according to new research reported in the British ­Medical Journal. The study shows vegetarians have a higher risk of stroke but a lower … Read More

Irregular sleep could be bad for metabolism

Recently I wrote about how too little sleep disrupted the body’s internal clock which upsets our metabolism. Now a new study suggests that even if we’re getting enough sleep in terms of hours, irregular sleep can also send it haywire. … Read More

Marriage is not always the be-all and end-all for women

Years ago when I was writing a book, Everywoman’s Lifeguide, and was comparing the ­happiness achieved for ­different life ­options, I came across research that said marriage was bad for women. It made them unhappy. For women, I thought, marriage … Read More

Cut blood pressure by severing a nerve

On the face of it, it may seem puzzling that a one-off ­operation which severs the nerves connected to the ­kidney lowers high blood pressure. But it’s not so surprising if we ­remember the kidneys play an ­important role in … Read More