It’s time to ban energy drinks for all under-18s

Caffeine is bad for children and there’s a warning on every can of energy drink that contains 150mg or more of caffeine per litre. Yet children still drink them. Sales of caffeinated energy drinks have grown rapidly since their ­introduction in the … Read More

New exhaust fume link to breast cancer

There is a one-in-10,000 chance that six women who worked in an area of high pollution and got breast cancers within three years of each other was a coincidence. Or, in other words, pollution plays a part in developing the … Read More

Why dementia gets more severe in the winter

We all feel invigorated by the sunny days and the long ­daylight hours of summer. For some it’s more than just feeling good. For people with ­dementia it’s a shot in the arm. This is because the seasons, and summer … Read More