Good news for those with severe asthma

About 5.4 million Britons suffer from asthma and, of these, 200,000 have severe symptoms that leave them regularly gasping for breath and requiring urgent medical care. More than 1,400 people die each year from the condition. Asthma affects the small … Read More

High testosterone levels are a sign of a healthy boy

Boys who grow up healthy and are well looked after in a safe environment are likely to have healthier levels of testosterone. So a man’s testosterone levels are largely determined by his upbringing rather than his race or adult life. Scientists say … Read More

Can foam rolling cut soreness in muscles?

After every gym session, I used to do foam rolling, especially on my thighs, and it hurt like hell. I was told I was ironing out “knots” in my muscles but I was always sceptical about the good it was … Read More

Studying for longer is damaging our eyesight, says study

Now here’s a conundrum. Are more years in education ­causing more and more short-sightedness? A recent study says they are. The myopia epidemic affecting 90% of pupils in East Asian countries is the consequence of more intensive education. Spending extra time studying … Read More