Cancer rates in young soaring due to obesity

Being overweight is one of the biggest avoidable causes of cancer. Nowhere is this mow more obvious than in the millennial ­generation where rates of cancer are rising quicker than in their ancestors because they are heavier. Cancers typically occur … Read More

Depression in elderly people a big concern

Life expectancy is still increasing with the proportion of people aged over 80 years growing the fastest. But unfortunately, so is ­depression, with up to one in three older adults affected. Depression in older people is a more crippling condition than … Read More

Cutting-edge proton beam therapy will aid cancer fight

Proton beam therapy is cutting-edge technology which will probably one day replace X-ray therapy for cancer. At the moment there’s only one ­centre in the UK using it, the Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester. A ­second is planned for UCL Hospital … Read More

Nudge for GPs to send more for cancer tests

Nudge theory says if you’re told your peers are doing better than you are, you’ll up your game to keep up. Seems it works with doctors too. A study suggests 2,500 extra cancers could be spotted earlier each year if … Read More

Breakfast is not the meal of champions

Breakfast has been called the main meal of the day. Maybe not for much longer. Why? Well, despite the decades of encouragement to “go to work on an egg” and the tradition of the great ­British fry-up, there’s precious little … Read More

We are now spotting the damage from mums drinking

Up until 1973 we believed we could drink as much as we liked while pregnant. But then ­malformations, linked to ­exposure of the unborn baby to ­alcohol, were recognised – and the ­devastation caused by drinking during ­pregnancy was first understood. It … Read More

Athlete gives sport an ethical dilemma

There is a controversy raging in women’s sport. Caster Semenya is the Olympic women’s 800m champion. She also has high testosterone levels which confer greater strength, stamina and bulkier muscles than other women. Intersex people have always existed. Some 1-2% … Read More

Drug could give new hope to men who climax too quickly

Premature ejaculation affects one in three men and is defined as ejaculation within a minute. There’s nearly always some­ psychological factors at play and there may be a genetic element. But it’s also found with inflammation of the ­prostate and … Read More