A simple act of kindness can be the best medicine

Back when I was an aspiring medical student, I was asked what was the most important thing I could give a patient. “Care and kindness”, I said. My reply wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm. Didn’t I think the latest high-tech treatments … Read More

Sex research comes back with a boomerang finding

Each Christmas the BMJ ­publishes what it calls the BMJ Christmas papers. The reports are never that serious, though all are based on meticulous research and they invariably make me smile. The authors are smart, witty and dedicated. I thought … Read More

Ablation therapy helps abnormal heart rhythm

Atrial fibrillation, once a rarity, is now quite common with approximately 6,000 cases being seen a year in the UK. It can be successfully treated with drugs, however, ablation therapy, ­is now seen as a procedure for patients whose atrial … Read More

We can forget those claims that statins harm memory

There’s been a long debate about possible side effects of statins – the cholesterol-lowering drugs taken by around eight million UK adults to prevent heart ­attacks and strokes. The latest charge was they damage people’s memory. But now a six-year study of … Read More