Your eczema is more than just skin deep

News recently hit the headlines, both in the British Medical Journal and the media, that eczema has joined the list of conditions which are linked to heart disease and stroke. How could that be? How is the skin so closely … Read More

Taking antidepressants can make you put on weight

It’s hard to ignore the fact that ­antidepressant use and obesity in the UK are rising alongside each other. Weight gain is an effect many patients are unhappy about. Sadly, we don’t know much about a link between antidepressants and putting on … Read More

Is leukaemia caused by keeping children too clean?

Around one in 2,000 children will develop leukaemia. Up to now, the trigger has remained a mystery. But lead researcher Professor Mel Greaves, from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and one of the UK’s most influential cancer experts, has … Read More

Is Brexit going to be bad for our health?

Political persuasion aside, I think we’d all better get used to the fact that Brexit is going to be bad for our health. This despite the £20.5billion per annum promised by the Prime Minister for the NHS, although she’s still … Read More

We must teach girls how to get pregnant

A strange thing has happened. Sex education programmes in schools have concentrated so hard on avoiding pregnancy that they have neglected to mention how to GET pregnant. Consequently girls are leaving school believing fertility lasts till the menopause so many more are … Read More