What if I’m anaemic?

If you have anaemia it means your heart is overworked and this can affect your baby. If you are prone to anaemia tell your doctor. A blood test would reveal anaemia and it may be necessary to take iron supplements … Read More

What can we do to ensure a healthy baby?

Where your baby’s health is concerned, consider, and act on, the following: Smoking. This is one of the most damaging factors to the health of your unborn baby and the major cause of avoidable health problems. The risks include miscarriage … Read More

Should I take a folic acid supplement?

Experts recommend that all women who are thinking about trying for a baby should start taking folic acid supplements three months before conception and then throughout the first trimester of pregnancy at least. They agree on a daily dose of … Read More

Pregnancy myths debunked

Here’s my advice on how seriously you should or shouldn’t be taking certain advice. You can tell the sex of your baby by the shape of your bump and the way you’re carrying it. If your bump is high up … Read More

Is it safe to…?

…have sex? Yes. Having sex is safe in pregnancy unless there are medical reasons for abstaining. In fact some women find that they enjoy sex more when pregnant as the high level of female hormones in body makes the breasts … Read More

When to go to hospital

Always get your baby or child to hospital if: * your child has stopped breathing * your child is breathing with difficulty and her lips are going blue * your child is unconscious * your child has a deep wound … Read More

When should I call the doctor?

Parents may find it difficult to recognise whether the symptoms are serious or not. You must remember that most doctors won’t mind if you seek their advice. Always follow your instincts and, if you’re ever in doubt contact your doctor. … Read More

What will the doctor need to know?

He will probably need to know: 1. Your child’s age. 2. Whether your child has a temperature and if so, what it is, how long he’s had it, if there have been any temperature fluctuations, if he has a fever, … Read More

What to expect from your doctor

If your doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong, she should tell you what further tests are necessary to get a clear diagnosis. She should also advise you of the implications of the illness or condition. If, for example, your child has … Read More

What should I ask the doctor?

If your child has a recurrent condition, such as cold sores or boils, ask your doctor what you can do yourself if you notice the symptoms recurring. If your child has a chronic condition, ask your doctor if there is … Read More