Will I be able to hold my baby straightaway?

Gentle stroking movements and the sound of your heartbeat and voice will reassure your baby. Her eyes will be able to focus on your face at a distance of 20-25cm (8-10 inches). Research has shown that you can bond with … Read More

When is the cord cut?

The cord is then cut between the clamps. It is sometimes clamped and cut during delivery if it was looped tightly around the baby’s neck. This is quite common. Some doctors and midwives believe that the baby benefits from the … Read More

When does the milk come in?

Remember, your breasts don’t actually produce milk for the first three days. Instead they produce colostrum, a thin yellow fluid which protects your baby against infection for the first 72 hours. It’s made up of water, protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals … Read More

What checks are made after the birth?

The midwife will check your baby’s general condition and remove any remaining fluid in her mouth, nose or air passages by sucking it out with disposable plastic tubing. If she doesn’t start to breathe immediately, then the midwife will take … Read More

Is feeding linked to bonding?

So mother love might literally ‘come with the milk’ 72 hours after birth. Or it might take longer and develop more gradually. What is important is that you don’t worry about it.

How should dad bond with his new baby?

Soon after a baby is born his father should hold him against his skin by taking his shirt off so he gets accustomed to his specific smell and learns to equate it with comfort and reassurance. He should also speak … Read More