Just seeing an X-ray can make us behave

As a smoker in my early 40s, I remember seeing a chest X-ray after I’d had a bout of bronchitis going on to ­pneumonia. It showed quite a nasty picture of lung damage. When I got back to my office … Read More

Why a lack of sleep makes us crave junk food

More and more of us are prey to ‘junk’ sleep – waking in the night and not being able to return to slumber. Could this junk sleep be responsible for, at least in part, the soaring quantities of junk food … Read More

It’s time to ban energy drinks for all under-18s

Caffeine is bad for children and there’s a warning on every can of energy drink that contains 150mg or more of caffeine per litre. Yet children still drink them. Sales of caffeinated energy drinks have grown rapidly since their ­introduction in the … Read More